8 Things To Do Until Rihanna (Finally) Drops ‘Anti’

Cady Lang

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One of the most beautiful and simultaneously infuriating things about Rihanna is that she simply does not give a fuck.

Posting up topless while smoking a blunt on Instagram? Yes, girl! Calling out NBA players on her Instagram (we’re looking at you, Matt Barnes) who talk a lot of game about dating her? YES. Promising to drop an album to fans who haven’t had a new record in three years (but hey, who’s counting?) with no release date in sight and highly ambiguous teasers? Sigh.

Obviously, Bad Gal Ri Ri knows we’re here for practically everything that she does, but she’s starting to test the limits of our love with every teaser she’s released for Anti since last fall, when she posted a pic of herself in the studio, presumably making music for her upcoming (if it ever comes out) eighth studio album.

To combat the anxiety we’re feeling about the lack of Anti in our lives, we’ve come up with 8 things to help pass the time until Rihanna stops playing with our feelings and drops the damn album.

Photo: Stance

Photo: Stance

1. Shop her Stance x Rihanna sock collection.
Obviously being Stance’s creative director has sapped all of Rihanna’s creative energy, which is probably why still don’t have Anti — but that doesn’t mean that you should miss out on her cool-as-hell socks because of it.

2. Faithfully check her Snapchat (rihanna) for any sign that Anti will be released.
Although, it’s much more likely that you’ll be watching her everyday antics as a badass. Console yourself with the many snaps of her adorable niece Majesty and her many, many supremely sexy selfies.

3. Buy tickets to her world tour, where there will be no new music playing since Anti still hasn’t dropped.
The tour starts on February 26, 2016, so while there’s definitely a chance that we could get new music before then, we wouldn’t put it beyond Rihanna to leave us hanging because we’d still have the time of our lives at her concert and she definitely knows it.

4. Scan her “Anti-Diary” for the hidden clues that she’s put into this damn interactive site.
I’ve spent more time than I’d care to admit searching for clues about Anti, which, by the way, only works on mobile browsing sites since her album/tour/life is sponsored heavily by Samsung. If we all have Samsung phones in 2016, I guess we know who to blame.

5. Try to hunt down a pair of her wildly popular suede creepers for Puma.
Leave it to Rihanna to make these humble sneakers the coolest streetwear trend; although they just got restocked (and reissued in lots of new colors) just a month ago, they’re going fast, so you’ll want to cop these now.

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6. Stalk Travis Scott.
Rihanna’s Anti tour opener for North America, rumored boo, and also rumored reason for why Anti hasn’t dropped yet — on all social media platforms. If Rihanna has this much affection for him, he must hold some clues to the new album.

Photo: Wenn

Photo: Wenn

7. Remember how pretty she looked at her Diamond Ball black-tie fundraiser this year.
Looking at Dior is always a good way to pass the time.

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8. Light up.
Because if you asked yourself the very important question, “What would Rihanna do?” she’d definitely be hitting the chronic instead of worrying if and when Anti was ever going to drop.