Vogue: Going Going Going… Green


Adherent to the “green issue” theme, Cameron Diaz graced Vogue’s June Issue cover, draped in an eco-friendly ensemble accented with her signature smile and confident stance. Inside the magazine Photographer Mario Testino captures her organic essence in carefully selected pieces featuring: a striking red silk halter dress by Phillip Lim, (post-Memorial Day) white organic jeans by Del Forte, a pale bikini by vegetarian designer Stella McCartney, and vegan sandals by Olsen Haus. And the accessory awarded as the most creatively integrated was a belt by Kreese Wesling, paired with the halter dress, and made from a recycled fire hose.

Known for her bubbly personality and social consciousness, Diaz pulled up to the interview/shoot in her hybrid Prius, prepared to forward the organic movement in an understated way. As stated in Vogue, Diaz “feels more comfortable living green and demonstrating a green lifestyle through her daily choices. She uses offsets for carbon neutral travel; she recycles and is mindful of product choices that are environmentally sensitive.”

Look forward to more eco-fashion, and feel-good lifestyle tips this summer as Vogue’s fashion editor, Tonne Goodman, provides the best combination of high designer eco-trends and affordable products with a more moderate feel.