The ‘Vogue’ ’73 Questions with Taylor Swift’ Video Should Be Called ’73 Reasons Why Taylor Swift Is Your Sorority Sister’

Cady Lang
Getty Images

Getty Images

Vogue recently released the latest installment of its popular “73 questions” video series, in which they ask famous people a bunch of random questions, ranging from “what’s your spirit animal?” to “what would you never wear?” This month’s video featured cover girl and Anna Wintour favorite Taylor Swift, who made good use of the nearly 10-minute video to confirm that she is your long-lost sorority sister.

Here are the best highlights from this revealing look into the life of Tay-Tay:

  • She always keeps hummus in her fridge.
  • Her favorite cocktail is a “Diet Coke and vodka.”
  • Before revealing her favorite food, she needs to confirm that the “calories don’t count.”
  • She bakes “gluten-free, dairy-free chocolate cake.”
  • “Friends” is her favorite TV show.
  • And “Love Actually” is her favorite movie.
  • She wants everyone to know that “Karma is real.”
  • Her favorite scented candle is a “Byredo treehouse” one.

It all makes sense now—the squad of blonde, conventionally pretty friends, her affinity for themed parties, those carefully coordinated group shots for Insta—Taylor Swift is basically the rush chair at Kappa Kappa Gamma.