The VMA’s: Celebrity Prom Night

Jessica Hoppe

The MTV Video Music Awards is like celebrity prom night. Everyone gets all dressed up, competes with Lady Gaga for Most Ridiculous Outfit (Surprise! She dressed as a man. You look like a fool, Niki Miniaj!), gets fall-down-drunk, honors the King and Queen (Beyonce and Jay-Z) and has several things to regret in the morning.

While watching last night, I spent most of the evening asking, “Who is that?” If these former Mouseketeers are the legends of the future, music is in a grave state.

Despite this sad fact, which is not news, there were some musical highlights such as Adele‘s pitch-perfect performance of “Someone Like You,” Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s “Otis”and of course the show-stopping reveal by Beyonce.

Watch the video below and be sure to stay until the end to catch Jay-Z’s reaction. It’s pretty sweet.

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