This Luxury Hotel Is Offering Its Guests Complimentary Access to Designer Handbags (!!)

Maggie Griswold
This Luxury Hotel Is Offering Its Guests Complimentary Access to Designer Handbags (!!)
Photo: Vivrelle.

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I’m a notorious over-packer whenever I travel—especially when it comes to accessories. I never know exactly how many pairs of shoes I’ll need or how many different bags I’ll want to use while I’m on vacation. In a (very cool) turn of events, though, luxury hotel SLS South Beach just partnered with Vivrelle, a subscription-based service that gives you access to designer handbags. Together, they’re offering SLS South Beach guests complimentary access to an array of luxury designer bags to use during their stay. I mean, what?!

Imagine getting dressed for a night out on vacation, picking the perfect outfit, shoes, jewelry and then—picking out a luxury designer handbag (worth thousands of dollars) to tote while you wine and dine your way around town. The next day, you could opt for a more day-time appropriate bag to show off. I mean, is that an ideal situation or what? I’m swooning just thinking about having free access to bags I’ll probably never be able to afford. It’s a dream vacation situation, and I want to book a plane ASAP.

SLS South Beach Luxury Hotel

SLS South Beach.

In case you’re not headed to South Beach, Florida anytime soon, though, you can still get access to luxury handbags without have to a) become an influencer or celebrity or b) actually buy one. Vivrelle, the company partnering with SLS South Beach, is basically like Rent the Runway, but with handbags (and jewelry and diamonds!!). You set up a subscription with one of their three tier options, pick a bag you want to use for the next month, and voila. Your life just got a lot more Instagrammable.

Vivrelle Designer Bags


At the end of the month, you can return the bag and try out another, purchase the bag at a discounted, members-only price or keep the bag another month. In fact, you can keep a handbag as long as you’d like. While I, for one, am someone who likes to switch out my bags regularly, I have many friends who have one bag they like to use every single day. Vivrelle accommodates both types of people—and everyone gets access to luxury designer bags. My bougie-ass self is truly thankful.