Vivienne Westwood Designed a Wedding Gown for Miss Piggy!

Even if your knowledge of the Muppets is less than encyclopedic, odds are you know that the character of Miss Piggy is classically girly, fantastically melodramatic, and hopelessly dedicated to fashion.


As such, acclaimed designer Vivienne Westwood was commissioned to create couture designs for the puppet, who’s back on the big screen in Disney’s “Muppets Most Wanted.”

The movie follows the Muppets on a tour throughout Europe and—according to a release—”the setting screamed romance to Miss Piggy, who’s been trying to convince [Kermit] to tie the knot for years.” So naturally, one of Westwood’s designs is a white dress that would be perfect for a wedding.

“Vivienne Westwood is fabulous—just like moi,” said Miss Piggy. “When I asked her to design this wedding dress for moi’s new movie “Muppets Most Wanted,” she was thrilled and I was thrilled. The only one a bit ‘iffy’ about it was the Frog.”

Aw, we hope Piggy finally gets to walk down the aisle in this stunning creation!