The Vivant’s Top 10: First Lady Bake-Offs and LA’s Wine Scene

Leah Bourne

 The Vivants Top 10: First Lady Bake Offs and LAs Wine SceneThe ten things in the world of luxury, travel and dining that made our reading list today. See something that should have made the cut? Tweet us @TheVivant with the hashtag #VivantTop10.
Craziest hats of Paris fashion week. [The Wall Street Journal]
The NFL’s fashion victims. [The Wall Street Journal]
Why are we still holding First Lady bake-offs? [Jezebel]
The LA wine scene. [Eater]
A day trip to Princeton. [The New York Times]
Good Bordeaux for $50 or less. [The New York Times]
Following LCD Soundsystem for seven years. [Cool Hunting]
Tale of the one-eyed matador. [GQ]
China luxury battles shifting tastes. [CNN]
The launch of hotel booking site “Want Me Get Me.” [Hotel Chatter]