The Vivant’s Top 10: Coty’s New Billionaires and Mural at the Barclays Center

Leah Bourne

13zUPCLOSE-articleLargeThe Vivant’s top 10 things in the world of luxury, travel, and dining that made our reading list today.
Watch John Galliano’s full interview on Charlie Rose. [StyleCaster]
The Barclays Center muralist. [The New York Times]
The top art collectors in the world. [Business Insider]
New York considers a crackdown on counterfeit luxury. [The AP]
Investors and consumers still focused on luxury. [CNBC]
The new Coty billionaires. [Bloomberg]
Improve your omelet game. [Esquire]
Luxury apartments in Silicon Valley. [San Francisco Chronicle]
What men should wear to a summer wedding. [The Wall Street Journal]
Cadillac goes rogue. []

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