The Vivant’s Top 10: Airports That Cater To Jet Set and Fashion’s Cat Obsession

Leah Bourne

 The Vivants Top 10: Airports That Cater To Jet Set and Fashions Cat ObsessionThe Vivant’s top ten things in the world of luxury, travel, and dining that made our reading list today. See something that should have made the cut? Tweet us @TheVivant with the hashtag #VivantTop10.
Fashion’s cat obsession. [Stylecaster News]
How chefs can protect their work legally. [Eater]
The party keeps rolling at Art Basel. [The New York Times]
Airports that cater to the jet set. [The Wall Street Journal]
Jaguar Land Rover might set up a plant in Saudi Arabia. [Economic Times]
Dinner in an Oslo Greenhouse. [Remodelista]
Holiday nostalgia, warmed up. [The New York Times]
Life after Damien Hirst. []
Reviving the exclusive Yellowstone Club. [Bloomberg]
Best stuff of the year. [GQ]