The Vivant’s Presidential Election Night Drinking Game

Leah Bourne

After months of campaigning by Mitt Romney and Barack Obama the US 2012 presidential election is finally upon us. After you have cast your vote (and everyone should, no matter what side you fall on) your going to want a stiff drink (or eight who are we kidding) to watch the election night returns with. So whether you are at a glamorous election night party, or watching events unfold from the comfort of your couch, enjoy our 2012 Election Night Drinking Game (a little bit tongue in cheek towards some of the, dare we say, snobbier aspects of the campaign season). Personally, we’ll be gulping down Dom Pérignon Vintage 1998, but this is one of those circumstances where even PBR will do. If you are feeling especially adventurous why not try the White House beer?
And now, to cover ourselves, this game is only for people over the age of 21. Please drink responsibly.
new drinking game The Vivants Presidential Election Night Drinking Game
Share with us in the comments below any additions to our drinking game and let us know how you fare on election night!