11 Virtual Father’s Day Ideas To Make Your Dad Feel Special

Maggie Griswold
11 Virtual Father’s Day Ideas To Make Your Dad Feel Special
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First and foremost, Father’s Day is a time to celebrate dads in all forms—from the ones who raised you to grandparents and father-figures in your life. Ideally, we’d all get to spend the holiday with our loved ones, regaling one another with fun memories and silly stories. However, with stay at home orders and social distancing in place, we’ve had to adjust, and find virtual Father’s Day ideas to replace the IRL ones.This year it’s harder to safely celebrate in person, but there are still so many fun ways to make all the father-figures in your life feel special. We might be far away physically, but we can still stay closer than ever.

The key to having a truly iconic virtual Father’s Day is taking your dad’s hobbies and adjusting them into something he can do online or at home over FaceTime. If your dad is a big fan of sports, you can find virtual ways to let him check in on big games—even if he can’t sit in the crowds right now. Or, if you love to take your dad on shopping trips to keep him up with all the latest men’s fashion trends, there are ways to do that online, too. While it might take a little bit more creativity, you can still make Father’s Day magical.

To help get you prepare to have an unconventional—but still amazing—Father’s Day, we rounded up 11 different ideas to celebrate. Even if you’re not already at home with your dad, you can still make him feel like the king of your heart. From virtual experiences he can enjoy from the comfort of his couch to fun bonding activities the two of you can do over a Zoom call, there’s no shortage of ways to have the best virtual Father’s Day the world has ever seen.


1. Have A Virtual Whiskey Tasting

Send your dad some new whiskeys to try—or whatever his favorite type of liquor might be! You can even send some fun craft beers if he’s more into that.—and have yourselves a virtual tasting over Zoom or FaceTime. You can look up facts about each drink, sip together and discuss your thoughts. It’s a fun and easy way to spend some time with your dad without being physically near him on Father’s Day.


2. Digitize Family Albums & Home Videos

If you can’t be with your father in person to think about old memories and look at photo albums from years past, why not have them all digitized so the whole family can reminisce on their phones or computers? If you can’t get access to all the physical copies of the photos and videos, have someone mail them to you secretly. Then, on Father’s Day, send your dad a link or a CD filled with all his favorite memories.


3. Have A Virtual Skincare Sesh

STYLECASTER | Virtual Father's Day Ideas

Jack Black.

Treat your dad to some new skincare—then teach him the best ways to use it. You can sit on video chat and go over what each skin product does. My mom has been gifting my dad Jack Black skincare for years, and it’s always been a favorite of his. Try a skin serum or just a simple face wash to get your dad going on his ~skincare journey.~


4. Help Him Write A Memoir

STYLECASTER | Virtual Father's Day Ideas


Give your dad the gift of sharing his life story with everyone—even hundreds of years into the future. StoryWorth allows you to write your own memoir one week at a time with inspiring prompts, and then has them all printed into a hardcover book your dad can have and then pass along to future generations.


5. Link Up On Marco Polo

Whether or not your parents are the most tech-savvy, setting them up on the Marco Polo app is a must. It’s a lot like social media, minus all the showing off and counting likes, so it’s a great digital space where far-apart family members can connect. Shoot Dad a video message (or group chat one to your entire fam!) and go back and forth all day at your leisure. Beats trying to schedule a full-family FaceTime any day, IMHO.

6. Get Him A Bundle Subscription With Hulu, ESPN+ & Disney+

STYLECASTER | Virtual Father's Day Ideas

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Gift your dad the ultimate bundle in all of TV-watching with a subscription to not one, but three streaming services he’ll love to watch. For $12.99 per month, you can give your dad all the television, movies and sports content he could ever want with Hulu, ESPN+ and Disney+. Especially if he’s stuck inside this year, having so much content to watch can help him from feeling cooped up indoors.


7. Have An Online Shopping Spree

If you can’t take your dad on a real shopping spree for new clothes, accessories or tech, have a Zoom call and go on a virtual shopping trip. You can share your screen to show him options on different sites, help him pick out some fresh new looks and have plenty of time to chat and bond while you browse. Who knows? It might become a new tradition.


8. Try An Airbnb Virtual Experience

STYLECASTER | Virtual Father's Day Ideas

Maarten Van Heuvel/Unsplash.

From cooking classes to dance lessons, there are so many Airbnb virtual experiences available right now. Since most of us can’t travel to new places and explore different cultures, Airbnb is bringing them to us all virtually. Sending your dad a new experience he can try online is a great way to help him celebrate Father’s Day this year.


9. Make Him A Personalized Playlist

My dad is a huge fan of music—and I know exactly the artists and styles he likes. If you know what kind of music your dad is into (or some new tunes he might end up loving), make him a personalized playlist he can jam out to while driving or even doing chores around the house. You can use Spotify or Amazon Unlimited Music


10. Watch A Movie Together With Netflix Party

If you can get your dad to figure out how to set up the Netflix Party app, the two of you can have hours watching movies and TV shows together while chatting. This is a great way to let him show you his favorite movies or episodes of shows, too. You might even discover you have similar taste in films and TV!


11. Send Him A Sweet Card Or Letter

STYLECASTER | Virtual Father's Day Ideas


Nothing says, “I love you,” like a sweet note or card from someone you love. List out all the ways your dad has made your life great through the years or remind him just how much you still need him—even if you’re all grown up. It’s a sweet and personal way to make your dad feel special.


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