25 Virtual Date Ideas For Long-Term Couples & New Hinge Matches Alike

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25 Virtual Date Ideas For Long-Term Couples & New Hinge Matches Alike
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Am I the only one brainstorming virtual date ideas to keep my currently-long-distance relationship alive? I can only have the same basic convo on FaceTime over and over again, and when I can’t see my SO in real life, I start to miss hitting up new restaurants, trying fun activities, etc. I know I’m not the only one, so I’ve made a point to think up as many unique date ideas as possible.

From classics like Netflix & Chill and pajama parties to sexy vibrator surprises and roleplay nights, it’s safe to say this list is anything but boring—don’t blame me if you can’t keep your hands off one another when you finally get to meet up IRL! If you’re intrigued, read on for 25 video chat date ideas, and let me know which ones you end up loving.

1. Fancy Dinner Date

Can’t meet up IRL to celebrate a special occasion? Recreate a fancy dinner date at home! Have you and your partner set your Zoom backgrounds to the same restaurant image, and pick a kind of food to order. Are you both twirling pasta at an Italian restaurant? Maybe you’re munching filet mignon at a five-star steakhouse? Don’t forget to dress up and light candles to really set the mood.

2. Low-Key Takeout Night

A dinner date doesn’t have to be fancy! Decide to keep things low-key and order your favorite Chinese takeout. You won’t be able to virtually split a side of lo mein, but you can have a competition to see who’s better at handling their chopsticks.

3. Netflix & Chill

Ah movie night, the classic date. You can both watch movies separately and then video chat to discuss, have one person play a movie on their laptop and share their screen via Zoom, or use the group streaming function on Netflix. Make your own popcorn and remember to turn your phone on vibrate in the theater!

4. Wine Tasting

If you and your partner love wine, consider organizing a virtual wine tasting. If you can both get your hands on the same three or four bottles, try each wine at the same time and discuss. If you can’t get the same lineup, you can each try your own wines one at a time, and share notes on your faves for your partner to buy next time they hit the liquor store. Bonus points for charcuterie.

5. Mixology Class

Another alcohol-themed date: your very own mixology class! Choose the cocktail(s) you and your partner want to make in advance, and make sure you both have all the proper ingredients and glassware. Then, video chat and follow directions on how to whip them up! You won’t be able to try one another’s concoctions, but you will get a tasty drink and a fun time out of it.

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6. Book Club

If you’ve got enough time for some good old-fashioned ~leisure reading~, pick a book you and your partner are both sure to enjoy, and schedule a virtual date for the night you finish it. Discuss favorite characters, whether or not you liked the ending, etc. Bonus points if there’s a movie version of the book you can stream on another future date night!

7. Game Night

This one is really what you make it. Opt for drinking games, online two-person games, trivia, charades, you name it. You could even keep it simple and fill out some MadLibs! Consider making it a group date and hosting a virtual game night with a few other couples—this way, you and your partner can bond over your victories.

8. Cooking Class

Rather than order food for your virtual date, consider whipping some up instead. Pick a meal in advance and make sure you both have the right ingredients, then get to cooking! You can start with your partner’s favorite dinner, teach them a family recipe, or pick a totally new meal and discover a new go-to.

9. Truth Or Dare

This can be as sexy or silly as you like, depending on how you play the game. Go back and forth and trade Truths, or perform a Dare-driven striptease. It’s up to you and your partner to see where the game goes!

10. The Bachelor Night

Here’s a cute date idea for those of you who are both romantic and obsessed with The Bachelor. Whether or not you remember to pick up actual roses before the date, go back and forth trading reasons why you’d give your SO a rose. So sweet!

11. Breakfast Date

Why do we always associate dates with dinnertime? A morning date can be a great idea, too! Treat yourself to waffles, pancakes, eggs or any other brunch food of your choice, and video chat with your lover over a cup of coffee (or a mimosa).

12. Sex Toy Shopping

If you and your SO are into phone sex, prep for this date by picking out sex toys for one another (don’t tell them what kind you’re getting) and mailing them to one another’s homes. Then, open up your mystery gifts together on video chat and put them to good use, wink wink.




13. Sunrise or Sunset

If you’re both in the position to watch the sunrise or sunset from your respective homes, set a timer and enjoy the most romantic virtual date of your lives! Something about catching a sunrise or sunset is just so dreamy.

14. Concert or Karaoke Night

Here’s one for all you Spotify-lovers: create an amazing playlist with a ton of fun artists and go back and forth lip-syncing (or singing along!) to your favorites all night long. Or, make a playlist of just one artist and listen together like you’re at a concert. Way cheaper than front row seats!

15. Craft Night

Ever been to one of those Wine & Paint parties? You can totally do the same thing at home on your virtual date! You can also work on your own respective crafts at the same time. Bonus points if what you’re making is for your partner, and you can mail it to them or save it for the next time you meet up IRL.

16. Fitness Date

If gym is life, plan a virtual workout with your boo! You can both watch the same workout video and follow along together, or design your date as you go and trade off choosing exercises. Maybe your SO wants to start with 20 crunches, and you feel like amping things up with 20 burpees? You do you! Don’t forget a stretching date the next day to recover.

17. Campsite Date

You probably don’t want to go camping solo, even if your partner is on video chat. Instead, create an indoor camping experience! Build your respective pillow forts and see whose turns out best, then get inside for a cozy night of chatting. Don’t forget to stock up on s’mores materials to toast over your oven for a late-night snack.

18. All-Nighter Challenge

If you can talk to your partner for a full 24 hours, you’re officially a good couple. Try an overnight challenge during which you video chat from night to morn, and see if you can both stay up and keep talking. Whoever falls asleep first, loses!

19. Video Game Night

Do you and your partner both love video games? This one’s a no-brainer! Play a two-player game together and video-chat or talk over your headsets as you play. Make things interesting by betting on who will win—loser orders dinner to the winner’s apartment? That’s the kind of motivation I’m looking for!


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20. Skincare Date

If your partner isn’t normally one to pamper, arrange for a face mask sesh together on video call. Time spent treating yourselves, kicking back and relaxing is time well-spent, even if you aren’t talking quite so much as you might be on a dinner date. Plus, you’ll both look glowy AF by the end of the night.

21. Pajama Party

A pajama party is a great date for late nights or early mornings! Feel free to get ready from the neck up if you please, but keep your cute PJs on for this video call. Bonus points if you’re the kind of couple who has matching pajama sets. Maybe this is your excuse to finally order some?

22. Roleplay Date

For a sexy date idea, consider roleplaying as a couple who met online for their first-ever date. From the second your FaceTime or Zoom sesh begins, commit to your character! Who knows, it just might lead to the best phone sex ~one night stand~ of your life.

23. Voiceover Competition

This date doubles as a challenge! Use Netflix’s group viewing capabilities to watch a show together, but make sure both parties have it muted. Then, take turns creating funny voiceovers for the scenes! Your partner will be so impressed by your comedic timing—or, you’ll both laugh at how bad this turns out. Either way, laughter is a beautiful thing!

24. Sketch Night

I don’t like sketchy dates, but I do like sketching dates! Grab a pen and paper and have your partner do the same, then set a timer and do your best to draw what you both see on your screens. Once time’s up, you can compare and see who’s the true artist in your relationship!

25. Nappy Hour

If you’re in a long-term relationship with a partner that’s often away on business trips, consider nappy hour instead of happy hour as a way to bond. Get in bed and prop up your phone or laptop, and engage in some pillow talk before you doze off. Sleeping together brings people closer, and this is the next best thing! Just be sure you don’t talk in your sleep and say something embarrassing. We’ve all been there!