How To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo At Home With A Virtual Fiesta

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How To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo At Home With A Virtual Fiesta
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While Cinco de Mayo officially celebrates the 1862 Mexican army’s victory over the French, it’s become a holiday that people across the world celebrate. Typically, most people would spend the day eating at Mexican restaurants, downing margaritas and throwing parties—but in these unprecedented times, we’re having to adjust how we celebrate. Luckily, there are so many virtual Cinco de Mayo ideas you can use to have a fun fiesta at home this year. There are still ways to support your local Mexican-owned businesses, have fun with friends and loved ones and—of course—eat and drink your heart out. Cinco de Mayo looks a little different in 2020, but we’re still ready to celebrate.

Now that most of us have more time at home, this is the perfect year to actually lean into some Mexican traditions. Educate yourself about the history of Mexico, try some authentic recipes, listen to Mexican musical artists. Do a little research and you might find you love the holiday even more knowing where certain traditions originated. Celebrating Mexican culture is great—as long as you’re respectful! This doesn’t mean you can’t drink margaritas and eat tacos; Just pay attention to how you celebrating and make sure you avoid appropriating Mexican culture and traditions. Respecting a country and having fun partying on their holidays can easily go hand-in-hand if you educate yourself and pay attention to your actions. Holidays are meant to bring people together, so let’s do that with Cinco de Mayo this year.

To help you have a fun celebration at home, we rounded up some easy Cinco de Mayo ideas that you can try while staying safe and social distancing. Immerse yourself in the culture of Mexico, have a few drinks and a few laughs. Support your local businesses where you can and party knowing you won’t have to find a safe way to get home after a few too many margaritas. Maybe you’ll even start a few new traditions this year.


1. Create A Cinco De Mayo Playlist

Tune into the hottest Mexican musical artists using Amazon Music Unlimited
or Spotify. Find a playlist that already exists or create your own. This is a great way to have some seriously fun music in the background while also supporting Mexican musicians at the same time!2

2. Set Out Some Festive Decor

STYLECASTER | Virtual Cinco de Mayo Ideas



Hang some papel picado, set up streamers, go crazy! There are plenty of ways to decorate your home for Cinco de Mayo while still respecting Mexican culture—Just think or do some research before you toss sombreros everywhere. If you’re looking for generally cheerful, colorful decorations, the Auihiay 32-Piece Fiesta Party Decorations Kit
is a great option.

3. Support A Local Mexican Restaurant

Odds are your favorite Mexican restaurant won’t be doing the same amount of business they would usually expect during Cinco de Mayo. To help support them, consider ordering a feast for the day. Many Mexican restaurants offer to-go margaritas as well, so this is really a win for all parties involved.

4. Cook Your Own Mexican-Inspired Recipe

STYLECASTER | Virtual Cinco de Mayo Ideas

Heather Ford/Unsplash.

If you’d rather create your own fiesta dishes, try out some classic Mexican-inspired recipes. This is a fun way to get in the kitchen and make a delicious meal that also celebrates Mexican culture. Try researching some authentic recipes, too, if you want to really lean into the day. You might be surprised just how much you love traditional Mexican cuisine.

5. Learn Some Traditional Mexican Dance Moves

Take some time—maybe while listening to that Cinco de Mayo playlist you just made—to learn some traditional Mexican dance moves. Jarabe Tapatío (the Mexican Hat Dance) or La Conquista (which narrates the story of the Spanish conquest) are good places to start. Or, if you’d rather just sit on your couch, you can always watch videos of the dances as well. We reccomend the Los Voladores de Papantla dance, where participants scale a 30-foot pole. (!!!)

6. Make A Margarita Bar

STYLECASTER | Virtual Cinco de Mayo Ideas


Break out the margarita glasses, some margarita mix, your fruits of choice and (of course) some tequila. Set out all the ingredients and let everyone in your household design their own ideal margarita. From strawberry and mango to pineapple and blueberry, there’s no limit to the fun combinations you can create for a night filled with margaritas. BTW, if you’re low on supplies, the Thoughtfully Skinny Margarita Set
is the perfect all-in-one buy.

7. Have A Zoom Fiesta

If you don’t have people to celebrate with at home—or even if you do—gather your friends on a group Zoom call, set some fun Zoom backgrounds and have a margarita toast. You can play some fun music, create a Mexican-themed drinking game or just chat while eating Mexican food. Cinco de Mayo is better celebrated with others—even if it’s virtually.

8. DIY A Piñata

STYLECASTER | Virtual Cinco de Mayo Ideas

Hello I’m Nik/Unsplash.

If you’re feeling a little crafty, why not try making your own piñata? You just need cardboard, poster board, tissue paper, glue and tape for this easy and fun DIY. Plus, once it’s created, you can fill it with candy and let everyone in your home take a stab at breaking it.

9. Learn About The History Of Cinco De Mayo

Take some time this Cinco de Mayo to learn about why it’s celebrated. Sure, this might not sound like a fun party activity, but it totally can be. You can create a trivia drinking game out of it or watch videos that explain the history in an entertaining way. Knowing the history behind Cinco de Mayo can help you celebrate the holiday in a thoughtful and educated way (that definitely still includes tequila).


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