How To Throw The Bride-To-Be A Virtual Bachelorette Party She’ll Never Forget

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How To Throw The Bride-To-Be A Virtual Bachelorette Party She’ll Never Forget
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The classic stripper-filled, shots-all-night, matching-outfits bachelorette party is definitely not something that you’d typically attend virtually—but drastic times call for drastic measures, and in the case of a good Bach party, the show must (and can) go on. Believe it or not, there are quite a few virtual bachelorette party ideas that can be implemented to create the ultimate digital night-to-remember, one your bride-to-be and the rest of her bridal party will never forget.

With just a few tweaks, you can make all the classic bachelorette party activities—and some new ones, too—online-friendly. From custom and creative drinking games you can play over Zoom to tamer activities like an at-home spa day, there’s no shortage of ways to make a virtual bachelorette party one for the damn books. Just lean into the situation at hand, roll with the punches and put on your party face. If the bride is feeling a little upset at having to have her bachelorette party online, dial up the excitement and make sure she knows how loved she is, and how excited you are to get your Zoom on together! Pamper the bride by sending treats and gifts her way, and remind her that distance is no match for the power of a bridal party bond.

To help get you all set up for the best virtual bachelorette party the world has ever seen, we’ve rounded up 10 different ideas, ranging from raunchy to mother-in-law-approved. Make sure to get creative and keep in mind the activities what the bride might love the most, and you’re guaranteed to have an incredible time celebrating.


1. Send Invitations

Any party deserves an invitation—even a virtual one. Give the bride and bridesmaids something to look forward to by sending out a virtual e-vite for the bachelorette party. You can keep it clean and cute or make it a bit risqué with some ~suggestive~ imagery, wink wink. Whatever the vibe of this virtual bachelorette party, make sure it shines through the invitation.


2. Play A Virtual Drinking Game

Take what you know about the bride and bridal party and create your very own virtual drinking game. You can adapt a classic drinking game or make one up completely from scratch. Maybe the bride has to take a shot every time her fiancé’s name is mentioned! Or the whole crew goes around exchanging awful dating stories, and the winner of the worst tale can assign out sips to the other players. Have fun with it, and make it full of fun inside jokes the bridal party has with the bride.


3. Have An At-Home Spa Day

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If you’re looking for a low-key, relaxing activity that anyone can join in on—including the mother of the bride, if she’s Zooming in!—try having an at-home spa day. Have fun chatting while you pamper yourselves. Paint your nails, do some skin treatments or give yourselves facials. You can even send the bridal party new face masks to try so you all can compare notes on a product. Maybe you can find the bride’s new must-have product to incorporate into her skincare routine before the wedding!


4. Get Creative With Zoom Backgrounds

There are so many ways you can spice up your Zoom video chats to give the bride the ultimate virtual bachelorette experience. Have everyone change their Zoom backgrounds to a photo of the engaged couple, funny pictures of the fiancé or embarrassing childhood photos of the bride. Have some fun getting creative and set the scene for an exciting virtual party.


5. Send The Bride Lingerie In Advance

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One of the most fun gifts to give a bride-to-be is lingerie she might wear on her wedding night—or any other night, TBH. Although you can’t necessarily gift it to her in person, you can still send the bride some sexy pieces to try on over video chat. Of course, make sure the bride is comfortable wearing lingerie via webcam before asking her to model. But if she’s fine with it, request a little try-on session and prepare Yay or Nay cards to help your friend pick her wedding night lewk.


6. Play Sexy Trivia

A bachelorette party is typically full of fun games, and playing sexy trivia is something you can easily do without seeing everyone IRL. You can play this game however you want to, but we suggest finding fun and sexy facts that the bride and bridal party might not know and seeing who has the best knowledge of all things sensual. Who can name the most sex positions? The most condom brands? Get creative and round up some sexy categories in advance. Bonus points if you make this one a drinking game, too!


7. Try An Online Burlesque Class

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Step onto the (virtual) stage and unleash your inner vixen with this online burlesque class. The host will take you through her personally created program, “Vixen DeVille’s Core Concepts of Burlesque,” and help you enhance your confidence while learning techniques of burlesque dancers. The bride and bridal party can spend some time learning these dance moves without leaving their homes—and then show off for whoever they’re quarantined with.


8. Have A Virtual Brunch

Break out the mimosas and waffle maker and have a virtual brunch with the bridal party. You can spend a Saturday or Sunday morning munching on breakfast treats, drinking mimosas and Bloody Marys and chatting away via Zoom or FaceTime. If you want to make the event extra special, you can even send the bride her own brunch kit complete with champagne, orange juice and pastries. Call up her local bakery and see if they do deliveries! Just because you’re celebrating virtually doesn’t mean you can’t ensure the bride feels extra-pampered.


9. Wear Matching Outfits

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What’s a classic bachelorette party without matching t-shirts? Get dressed up in matching looks for your virtual festivities just like you would if you were together in person. Whether it’s a tee, sweatshirts or even some fun tiaras, you can remind the bride that you’re all there to support her—even if it’s just virtually. Don’t forget to order early!


10. Hire A Virtual Stripper

If you want to really spice up your virtual bachelorette party, you can always find a stripper who can tease everyone virtually. Grab some dollar bills and throw money at the camera while you watch a stripper do their thing. Alternatively, if you don’t want to hire someone, you can always play a pre-recorded striptease video for all the bachelorette guests, or just stream Magic Mike via Netflix’s Party Mode. Oof, is it hot in here?


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