How To Throw A Virtual Baby Shower That The Mama-To-Be Will Love

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How To Throw A Virtual Baby Shower That The Mama-To-Be Will Love
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Celebrating the arrival a new child is typically a joyous occasion filled with loved ones, tasty treats, gifts and plenty of games. Taking these celebrations online, though, can feel like a difficult task. (Spoiler alert: It doesn’t have to be!) Of course we’d all like to support a mom-to-be in-person, but when you can’t, there are myriad virtual baby shower ideas worth trying. While being away from an expectant mother you love is never an ideal situation, these virtual ways to celebrate any mama-to-be are easier (and more personal) than you might think. Just roll with the punches, and you might find that a virtual baby shower is better than you could have ever imagined.

From having a little gift reveal over Zoom to playing some fun virtual games, there’s no shortage of ways to show an expectant mother just how much she’s loved. So many classic baby shower activities can be easily turned into virtual ones—it just takes a little bit of creativity and a forethought. Having a positive attitude and creating virtual ways to spend time with the mama-to-be are the first steps in creating a sense of normalcy, even if you’re far away. So while you may not be able to be there in person, spending time over a video call is still special, and can make you feel close regardless of distance.

To help you get the ideas flowing, we rounded up 10 easy ways to celebrate a new baby’s arrival. Whether they’re a first-time mom, someone in the middle of adopting a child or expecting their sixth child (!!!), these virtual baby shower ideas are sure to delight any mother-to-be.


1. Plan For Gifts To Be Delivered Day-Of

While typically a baby shower would consist of friends and family bringing gifts directly to the expectant mother, if you can’t be there in person, try and have all the gifts arrive by the day of the virtual shower. That way, the mom-to-be has reminders that her loved ones are there in spirit, and though she can’t see them IRL, they’re still sending support—even if it’s just a pack of diapers. (Which is, of course, a necessary gift! You can never have too many diapers.)


2. Send Flowers

STYLECASTER | Virtual Baby Shower Ideas

Urban Stems.

Flowers are a simple and sweet gesture no matter the occasion, but when one isn’t able to leave the house as much as they might wish, a floral arrangement can also bring some much-needed brightness into any home. A bouquet of flowers has a way of adding freshness and color to a space, so if you’re celebrating an expectant mother but can’t be there to decorate for a shower, try sending some beautiful flowers to brighten her day.


3. Coordinate Zoom Backgrounds

If you’re having your virtual baby shower on Zoom, have everyone attending make their backgrounds a photo of the mother-to-be or even baby photos of the expectant mother. Zoom lets you add any photo you’d like as your background—just click on Settings and then choose Virtual Background—so feel free to scan in some photo album gems. Have fun with it, and remind the mom-to-be that she is loved—even if it’s from a distance.


4. Have Everyone Send Notes To The Baby

Ask each person attending the virtual baby shower to submit a note or letter for the baby to read when they get older. You can choose to have guests write to the child when they turn 18 or when they turn 10. Either way, these words will likely be cherished for years and show the mother-to-be just how much her friends and family love her family.


5. Play A Trivia Game

Test your knowledge about the mom-to-be by playing a fun trivia game on Zoom. Collect fun little facts about the expectant mother—like her favorite color, her first crush or the first band she ever saw live—and then see who can guess the right answers. Whoever guesses the most correct is the winner! Plus, for those who aren’t expecting, you can easily turn this into a drinking game as well. (*wink wink*)


6. Make It A Brunch

If you want a simple theme for your virtual baby shower, make it into a brunch. (Because who doesn’t love brunch?) Break out the waffle makers and mimosas and have everyone join the video chat with a delicious meal in hand. You can even make sure the expectant mom feels extra special by ordering her favorite brunch meal and having it delivered straight to her door.


7. Send Some Mocktails

STYLECASTER | Virtual Baby Shower Ideas


Just because the mom-to-be can’t imbibe, doesn’t mean she has to miss out on some seriously tasty—non-alcoholic—beverages! Send her some sparkling mocktails so she can cheers right along everyone else at her virtual baby shower. These mocktails from Mingle come in four different flavors, and can even be mixed with alcohol if anyone else in the household wants to join in on the fun.


8. Do A Gift Reveal

If all the gifts have arrived at the mom-to-be’s home, have her do a gift reveal and open everyone’s gifts while video chatting. During an in-person baby shower, the expectant mother would open gifts anyway, so this just takes a classic tradition online. You can even make a game out of it and have everyone guess who gave which present.


9. Play “The Price Is Right”

If you’re itching for another game to play during a virtual baby shower, try a baby-themed “The Price Is Right.” All you have to do is hold up different baby items—like a bottle, diaper pack and pacifier—and have everyone write down their guess as to how much the bundle of items costs. Whoever guesses closest is the winner.


10. Toast The Mama-To-Be

Grab your cocktails, mocktails or iced lattes and have a toast to the mama-to-be. Everyone can go around the (virtual) room and say a few words of encouragement to the mom. After all, not being able to see loved ones during such a whirlwind of a time can make anyone feel a little lonely. By gathering together—even if it’s just virtually—and sharing some kind words or even funny advice with the expectant mother can make everyone feel like they’re closer than ever.


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