HBD, Virgo! Your September Horoscope Has The Tea On What To Expect

Roya Backlund
HBD, Virgo! Your September Horoscope Has The Tea On What To Expect
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This is such an important month for you, Virgo, one full of major developments! Virgo season is here and so is your Virgo September 2021 horoscope, preparing you for all that’s coming your way. The new moon in Virgo kicks things off on September 6, helping you connect with your authentic self. This lunar event will lead you toward the person you’re meant to become, so long as you’re willing to do the work!

This month, you have the power to make tons of new friends and potentially even meet new lovers. After all, Venus will send electricity to your third house of communication, helping you tap into your ability to flirt flawlessly and engage others with your sparkling wit. Your cleverness is what’s making you so attractive, so revel in knowledge that your intelligence is so inviting!

However, your relationships could leave you feeling totally confused by September 14. This is when the sun will oppose Neptune, making it even harder to find your footing with someone. Your rose-colored glasses could get the best of you, so make sure you’re not falling for the idea of a partner instead of who they really are. This strange energy will be supported by the fact that Mars will also move into your stable second house by September 14. This energy should help you focus on securing that bag! If you can’t rely on someone to love you, rely on your ability to love yourself.

You may get a better idea of your relationships by September 20, when the full moon will send revelations to your seventh house of allies and enemies, revealing the true nature of your relationships. Use this energy to improve your understanding of yourself as a partner and to set the proper boundaries in your relationships going forward.

Once Libra season begins on September 22, you might feel more focused on setting financial goals and making purchases you’ve been lusting after. Your money belongs to you! Use it to obtain the freedom, security and luxury you desire.

However, as Mercury stations retrograde in your second house of money on September 27, you may come to realize all the ways you can improve your relationship with your finances. Things like frivolous spending and miserly frugality can bite you later on if you’re not careful. Let Mercury retrograde show you how to spend and save more effectively.

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