Virgo, Your October Horoscope Says To Make Yourself A Priority

Roya Backlund
Virgo, Your October Horoscope Says To Make Yourself A Priority
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Are you ready to remember your self worth, Virgo? Eager to build your self-esteem from the ground up? Your Virgo October 2020 horoscope is all about infusing your sense of self with stability and security, because the sun is traveling through your second house of possessions and values until October 22. Look inward and rediscover what matters to you most, then make that your biggest priority!

When a full moon activates your intimate eighth house of transformation on October 1, it may be time to make the bold decision to say “goodbye” to what’s no longer working for you and “hello” to all sorts of new possibilities. Growing up sometimes means moving on, Virgo, but these decisions will only make you stronger!

This might sound like a bummer, but you won’t feel down for long, because Venus enters your first house of the self on October 2. You’ll likely start to notice people checking you out more than usual, your friends scrambling to hang with you and all sorts of cuties wanting to flirt! This is all thanks to Venus, so bask in this beautifying and affectionate energy, Virgo. And when Venus twirls into your second house of money on October 27, you’ll feel that same love spread over to your bank account, stimulating your income and tapping into your inner shopaholic!

When the new moon takes place on October 16, you may even discover a new side hustle or adopt a financial plan that jumpstarts your path to success. Have you been dreaming about getting that raise? How about saving up for the vacation of your dreams? Start planning it now, Virgo!

However, you should expect shake-ups when Mercury stations retrograde in your third house of communication on October 13. Make sure you think before you speak, Virgo. Thanks to your scatter-brained energy, you’ll be very susceptible to foot-in-mouth syndrome during this time. And when Mercury slips back into your second house of money on October 27, a financial commitment may come back to haunt you. Let this be a learning opportunity, Virgo. You can get past it and grow from it.

Luckily, adventure awaits you either way, because on October 31, a full moon will wrap up the month in your ninth house of expansion and perspective. It’s time to take a step back and consider the big picture. There’s a whole world out there, waiting for you to explore it!


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