Virgo, Your November Horoscope Turns Up The Heat In Your Love Life

Roya Backlund
Virgo, Your November Horoscope Turns Up The Heat In Your Love Life
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You’re learning how to speak your mind this month, Virgo! Your Virgo November 2021 horoscope starts with a beautiful opportunity to analyze details, solve problems and set the record straight. As a new moon rises in your third house of communication on November 4, you’re starting off the month by participating in intellectual exchange and learning so many new things from others.

As of November 5, you’ll be turning up the heat in your love life. As Venus sashays into your romantic fifth house, you may be craving a more vibrant and passionate relationship. This will encourage you to open your heart and be brave when expressing your feelings. Let the love in! And as Mercury activates your clever third house, you’ll also be in a beautiful position to make new friends and entertain everyone in the room with your sparkling wit.

However, your ideas may be much grander than your willingness to put them into motion. By November 10, you could feel incredibly inspired by a conversation as Mercury and Mars join forces, inspiring you to get the ball rolling on certain goals. But as this conjunction squares off with Saturn, you may feel intimidated by all the work that lies ahead. Remember—if there’s a will, there’s a way!

In fact, by November 12, you’ll find that many people are willing to come to your rescue! As the sun forms a trine with Neptune, you’ll be in a beautiful position to let empathy lead the way, bringing you in touch with people would love nothing more than to be there for you. There’s nothing weak about reaching out for help!

As a lunar eclipse leads you to unexpected places on November 19, you may be shocked by a change in your perspective. Activating your expansive ninth house, this lunar eclipse is encouraging you to let go of limiting beliefs and embrace the idea that there’s still so much you have let to learn.

Scorpio season may have been busy, but once Sagittarius season begins on November 21, the cosmos will encourage you to tend to your heart and embrace the rest of your needs. As the sun sends love to your fourth house of home and family, it will inspire you to cultivate a sense of familiarity and belonging in your life. Embrace it!

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