Virgo—Your May Horoscope Urges You To Watch Your Words

Roya Backlund
Virgo—Your May Horoscope Urges You To Watch Your Words
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Release your sails and take a deep breath of fresh air, because this month is bound to be an adventure! Your Virgo May 2022 horoscope has all the details on where you might go and what you might see, because on May 5, the sun will join forces with Uranus in Taurus, bringing you experiences that show you a brand new perspective. Remember—having faith in something means believing it without doubt; without the pessimism that brings your energy down.

As you experiment with a new lifestyle, you may find that it leads to uncomfortable consequences, especially in your career. As Mercury—your ruling planet—stations retrograde in your professional 10th house, you may start to rethink your goals and how your plans for success are evolving. If you don’t know what you’re working toward, it’s time to find out. Jupiter will also enter your eighth house of transformation on May 10, heightening your psychic senses and increasing your penchant for creation and destruction. It may be time to completely reboot an aspect of your life and start anew.

STYLECASTER | Full Moon in Virgo

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As a lunar eclipse in Scorpio brings down the house on May 16, you may engage in a conversation that changes *everything*. As this blood moon shakes things up in your third house of close communication, you may notice major shifts rippling throughout your neighborhood (and even amongst your friendships)! Be extra mindful of what you say, because it could have lasting ramifications.

Gemini season begins on May 20, which means the sun is about to crossover your 10th house of reputation. You may start thinking more and more about how you’re seen by others (and how you *want* to be seen)! And once Mercury retrogrades back into your perceptive ninth house on May 22, you may gain additional insight by retracing your step and looking back on all that you’ve experienced. Chances are, there’s a nugget of wisdom there that deserves your attention.

STYLECASTER | Full Moon Virgo

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By the month’s end, you may feel ready to make a major commitment to something. On May 29, your laser focus will be bolstered by a Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Aries, encouraging you to streamline your energy into something that matters to you. And as a new moon in Gemini initiates greatness in your 10th house of career on May 30, you may begin setting your goals and casting your net.

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