Ooh La La, Virgo—Your March Horoscope Predicts A New Relationship

Roya Backlund
Ooh La La, Virgo—Your March Horoscope Predicts A New Relationship
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Prepare for an incredibly motivating and energized month, Virgo! After all, on March 3, Mars will enter your authoritative 10th house, pushing you to dominate your field and compete to be the absolute best. When it comes to your career goals, there’s no time like the present, so zero in on what you really want to succeed at and go the distance. Your Virgo March 2021 horoscope is coming in hot and it’s only just beginning!

In fact, it might even indicate the beginning of a new relationship when the new moon takes place on March 13. Whether you’re growing closer to someone significant in your life or you’re redefining your understanding of what makes a relationship healthy, it’s happening! When the Venus-Neptune conjunction takes place on March 13, it will encourage you to lead with empathy and understanding, helping you solve conflicts with kindness and compassion. However, make sure you don’t romanticize a relationship that’s hurting you, especially when Mercury enters your seventh house of partnerships on March 15. A relationship is more than what you say to each other; it’s about your actions and whether they line up with your promises.

When Aries season begins on March 20, it will force you to look beyond superficial appearances and dig deep at what’s underneath the surface. As the sun moves through your penetrating eighth house, you’re coming to terms with inner transformations that must take place at this point in your life. Surrender to the changes headed your way! And as Venus shifts into your eighth house of merged energies on March 21, your understanding of your relationships will deepen even further. Is there true respect between you two? Is there true love? The answers will soon arrive.

You might feel surprised by how much stamina and productivity is driving you forward by March 21. This is when Mars will form a trine with Saturn, helping you realize your goals by committing to all the hard work they require. One step at a time and soon, you’ll be there! When Mercury squares off with Mars on March 23, however, your competitive mindset could come at the cost of a relationship, so think critically about your affairs. Either way, you’re coming to terms with your self-esteem by March 28, when the full moon blasts through your prideful second house. Make self-acceptance a priority.

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