OMG, Virgo—Your July Horoscope Predicts A Full-Blown Relationship

Roya Backlund
OMG, Virgo—Your July Horoscope Predicts A Full-Blown Relationship
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It may feel exceptionally difficult to get to work as the month begins. After all, your Virgo July 2021 horoscope begins with Mars forming an opposition with Saturn, which could leave you feeling uninspired by your work and ready procrastinate. Remember—you’re worth so much more than your productivity, and if you’re struggling to get to work, it’s only temporary!

In fact, you may feel consumed by a new vision come July 9. This is when the new moon will take place in your innovative 11th house, encouraging you to create something that involves other like-minded individuals in your community. There is so much strength in numbers, so don’t be afraid to reach out and connect with people who may just share the same perspectives and ideas that you do. 

Your ability to schmooze and build rapport with others will receive a boost by July 12, when Mercury—your ruling planet—forms a trine with Jupiter. You may be turning an acquaintanceship into a full-blown relationship, but only if you have the courage to reach out and socialize with this person on a more meaningful level! As the sun forms a trine with Neptune on July 15, you may find that your ability to facilitate a peaceful circle and introduce others can create so many new friendships. Share your kindness with the world, V!

You may feel much more desirable once Venus enters your first house of the self on July 21. This will add an even more beautiful sheen to your whole presence, attracting new lovers and friends like moths to the most glamorous flame, a.k.a. you. However, once the sun enters your intuitive 12th house on July 22, you may feel like slipping away from the spotlight and tending to more introspective concerns. Set aside your need to please others and focus on yourself!

When a full moon rushes through your sixth house of routine on July 23, it will help you find balance between your spiritual needs and your physical ones. So many problems can be solved by revamping your old habits, so think deeply about each decision you make and why you’re making it.

As Mars enters Virgo on July 29, it’s preparing you for an incredibly courageous, yet challenging month of August. Obstacles may be headed your way, but trust me, Virgo: You have all the valor and glory to overcome them in style!

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