Virgo, Your December Horoscope Is A Reminder To Take A Break

Roya Backlund
Virgo, Your December Horoscope Is A Reminder To Take A Break
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Get ready to cancel plans, invest in fluffy blankets and stay home with your family, Virgo. December begins with the sun in your comforting fourth house, encouraging you to return to your roots, redesign your living space and (finally!) get some rest. You’re a naturally productive and focused zodiac sign, so let your Virgo December 2020 horoscope be your reminder that everyone needs a break sometimes.

However, there could be a startling change in your home life around December 14. A solar eclipse will speed you up to your ultimate destiny, especially as it pertains to your family and home life. This might have you getting used to a new living situation or family dynamic that throws you for a loop. Regardless of what happens, you’re recalibrating your heart.

As for your love life, you’ll find yourself craving something cozy by December 15. You’ll probably more in the mood to stay at home with your lover and watch Netflix marathons than get all dressed up for date night at a fancy restaurant. This is all thanks to romantic Venus snuggling up in your low-key fourth house, reminding you that love is nurturing and comforting. The right partner always allows you to be your true self.

All this rest and relaxation will come in handy by December 21, when the sun draws the curtain in your audacious and creative fifth house. Instead of holing up at home, you’ll suddenly feel the desire to be seen and admired! You’ll want your talents to be on full display, and given how artistic you’ll feel, securing that attention will be easy.

However, a major revelation about your productivity and self-care will also dawn on you come December 21. Both restrictive Saturn and over-the-top Jupiter will crash in your sixth house of health and work, revealing all the ways you’ve been neglecting your priorities and encouraging you to correct course. Remember—every little decision eventually adds up to something big!

The month wraps up with a full moon in your highly social and community-oriented 11th house. This will inspire you to connect with a set of likeminded people and be hard at work towards a shared goal. If you haven’t yet, it’s time to start networking.

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