Virgo, Your August Horoscope Is A Reminder To Be Kind To Yourself

Roya Backlund
Virgo, Your August Horoscope Is A Reminder To Be Kind To Yourself
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Give yourself what you need, Virgo, because your Virgo August 2020 horoscope is preparing you for your solar return. That said, it’s almost Virgo season—but before we can get there, you’ve gotta deal with Leo season. And during Leo season, the sun is in your quiet 12th house of the subconscious, meaning that you’re more in touch with your imagination and your dreams than real life!

This energy will force you to prioritize your spiritual healing as you relive painful memories and reopen old wounds, forcing you to finally deal with your darkness. When Mercury—planet of communication—enters your 12th house on August 4, you may feel more like spending the day by yourself than chatting up a storm with friends—and that’s perfectly OK!

Once the full moon in Aquarius takes place on August 3, you’ll feel pulled away from your dreamworld for a moment. Activating your sixth house of routine and health, you’ll have a revelation about the ways you’ve been living your life and spending your time. Let these revelations help you create habits that bring out the best in you, and work to break free from toxic cycles. If anyone can do it, it’s you, Virgo!

Your friends will certainly be there to cheer you on and motivate you, because Venus—planet of love and friendship—enters your 11th house of community on August 7. Prepare to feel like the most popular kid in school, Virgo, because your phone is blowing up with invites and likes! Let this be a reminder of how loved and valued you are. Even if you’ve taken a break from your social life recently, that doesn’t mean you’ve been forgotten.

When the new moon in Leo blasts through the cosmos on August 18, it’s time to truly forgive yourself. You’ve probably been beating yourself up over some mistakes you’ve made in the past, but this energy is doing you no good! If you learn from your mistakes, that’s all that matters. Give yourself another chance, Virgo. Be kind to yourself!

By August 22, the sun will enter Virgo, and that means… it’s go time. You’ll crawl out of your hermit crab shell with a vengeance! Prepare to feel like a rocket shooting through the air, because you’re feeling ready to take on the world!

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