Virgo, Your April Horoscope Predicts An Opportunity That Changes Everything

Roya Backlund
Virgo, Your April Horoscope Predicts An Opportunity That Changes Everything
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Your intuition is on fire this month, Virgo. On April 3, Mercury will activate your strategic eighth house, tapping into the depths of your investigative abilities! Between identifying the way your crush feels about you to predicting the latest crime your fave true crime podcast is discussing, you’ll find yourself solving one mystery after another this month! Your Virgo April 2021 horoscope predicts that you may even find yourself getting to know someone on a deeper level—but when Mars squares off with Neptune on April 9, it will feel hard to see people clearly. Make sure you’re taking off your rose-colored glasses and focusing on the facts, babe!

When the new moon blasts through your eighth house of death and rebirth on April 11, your energetic contracts will come into question. It’s time to think about leaving behind deadbeat commitments in favor of investing your energy into something far more worthwhile! Pay off your debts and have faith in the future. However, some debts aren’t always easy to shake, and on April 16, the sun will square off with Pluto, which may leave you feeling somewhat obsessed with a cycle that you know isn’t good for you.

Luckily, when Venus, Mercury and the sun have all entered your expansive ninth house of freedom on April 19, it will be so much easier to see all the beautiful things yet to come. The world is so big and you’ve only explored a corner of it! Embrace spontaneous opportunities, especially when on April 22, an opportunity lands in your lap that changes everything. The Venus-Uranus conjunction in your adventurous ninth house may lead you into the unknown when you least expect it!

However, your desire to share your experiences and your wisdom will increase ten-fold when Mars enters your 11th house of community on April 23. This will inspire you to bring so many people together for a higher cause, encouraging you to facilitate a group dynamic that has the power to change your world. And when the full moon blasts through your third house of communication on April 26, you’ll harness the power of your voice. It may be time to finally say what you’ve always wanted, so don’t hold back!

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