This Viral Video of Kanye Being Kanye Will Crack You Up

There’s a viral video of Kanye West being shared across the internet that might just make your day.

In the short clip the rapper–who’s known for taking himself a bit, um, seriously–is shown laughing candidly courtside in Chicago with NBA legend Scottie Pippen, whose wife is a close friend of Kim Kardashian‘s. That is until Kanye spots the camera.

Mid-grin, Kanye’s eye catches the camera and (clearly mortified that he was caught—gasp!—having fun) he quickly resumes his usual poker-faced, lyrical-geniuses-don’t-smile expression. Oh Kanye, this is just too funny..

Watch the vine for yourself here.

Honestly, what else would you expect from the guy who told W Magazine, “My ego is my drug. My drug, ‘I’m better than all you other motherfuckers. Kiss my ass!’”

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