Vinyasa Yoga–I’m a Believer


To say that I was a bit of an overachiever while growing up would be an understatement. By the time I reached the tender age of five years old, I was enrolled in classes for piano, jazz dance, tap dance, ballet, gymnastics, and violin. What can I say–my mother is a stage mom, through and through. I think that this level of intense physical activity I maintained throughout my adolescence and my teen years accounts for the fact that I’ve always classified things like yoga and meditation in the “fake slacker sports” category. “What could possibly be so hard about stretching??” I would ponder with a slight tinge of disgust. “How does one even break a sweat doing nothing but twisting one’s body in abnormal positions? And why does it seem like everyone that does yoga is a vegan?!” And with that, I turned my nose up at the whole thing. Until last week.

Two of my favorite publicists, Kristen Wise and Lyn Famiglietti (the amazing PR gals for all the various Adidas brands) invited the StyleCaster team to indulge in a group yoga class after work. Excited to hang out with them, I immediately agreed to go, fully expecting nothing more than a fancy hour-long nap in stretchy clothes followed by a fun dinner. Flash forward to me alternately grunting, grimacing, breathing inappropriately loudly, and sweating puddles onto the yoga studio floor. Let me tell you, yoga is NO JOKE. Not only did I get a good kick-in-the-rear workout, I felt surprisingly better after class–relaxed, at peace, full of zen and goodwill.

And thus, I’m officially a believer. Also, the cute yoga clothes don’t hurt. In particular, I’m obsessed with everything in the adidas by Stella McCartney yoga line (pictured above). Workout inspiration doesn’t get any better than that.

Try out a class at Jivamukti Yoga Center (841 Broadway, 212-353-0214, I guarantee you’ll become a believer too.