7 STYLECASTER Staffers Share Incredible Vintage Photos of Their Stylish Moms

7 STYLECASTER Staffers Share Incredible Vintage Photos of Their Stylish Moms
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We really ought to give our mamas more credit. Besides the obvious fact that they gave birth to us and raised us into capable adults (seriously, how?), our dear mothers also inadvertently taught us some serious fundamentals in dressing. Think back to how their personal styles—from their penchant for elegant pearls to owning the “mom jeans” look before they became a fashion trend—have seemingly permeated into our own.

So in honor of Mother’s Day, seven STYLECASTER staffers shared their favorite vintage photos of their stylish mothers. Click through the slideshow above to read how our own style has been influenced by our moms, what makes their look so timeless, and how their style is still aspirational today.

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"My mom has always had great taste, and is the one who taught me how to spot a classic. Case in point: Here she is rocking a cropped denim jacket and Adidas in 1980, an outfit that would be perfectly on-point today in my Brooklyn hood—or anywhere."—Hannah Hickok, Lifestyle Editor

"Mom was—and still is—an avid photo taker, so her style throughout her 20s and 30s is well documented in a cupboard at my folks’ house that’s brimming with heavy photo albums. Whenever my sister and I visit our parents back in Australia, we love trawling through their huge stash of albums from the ‘80s and ‘90s. In every pic—from when my parents first moved from Australia to Papua New Guinea together, to their time as newlyweds and new parents—there’s mom, always in a different, but equally killer outfit. Meridy loves a selfie—even before selfies were really a thing—so she’s in pretty much every snap, thanks to the magic of self-timing cameras. This photo is of my beautiful mom at around my age, drinking champagne and wearing a beaded necklace and simple brown dress. I adore it."—Jasmine Garnsworthy, Editor

"High-waisted jeans, penny loafers, a boyfriend jacket worn over the shoulders, and what I imagine is a five-pound Walkman hanging from her neck: When I look at this photo of my mom—who is in her home country of South Korea here—I know exactly where my own tomboy sensibilities come from. Without her ever explicitly saying so, my mom has taught me how to experiment and have fun with personal style—and that 'feminine' and 'pretty' isn't limited to just skirts and dresses."—Jinnie Lee, Editor

"Credit her European heritage, but my mom has always been an impeccably dressed, polished-looking lady. Even a basic trip to the grocery store requires a spritz of hairspray and a swipe of lipstick—something that used to frustrate me as an impatient kid, but now leaves me in awe as an adult who struggles to even get out the door in the morning. Here she is in Florence at the age of 21, dripping in pearls with nary a hair out of place. I may not have inherited her elegance and glamour, but her killer collection of designer handbags make for a pretty decent consolation prize."—Cristina Velocci, Managing Editor

"I’ve come to accept that I’ll never look as cool as my mom did skiing in the ‘80s, but I hope I inherited at least a fraction of her color sense—I mean, a tangerine orange turtleneck? How great is that? Admittedly, this wasn’t an outfit she broke out on the regular while I was growing up, but she’s always had an impeccable knack for putting pieces together in a way that looks like they were made to be. I’ve definitely snagged some of my favorite pieces from her wardrobe over the years—these ultra-reflective aviators being one of them.” —Hilary George-Parkin, Fashion Editor

"My mom, aka 'Twiggy' as she is known in my family, has quite a unique sense of style. She channels a mixture of Grace Kelly and Carrie Bradshaw in her everyday wear and always pulls it off flawlessly, mixing hand-me-downs from when I was 10—yes, she still fits in them!—with pieces straight from the runway. She isn’t afraid to follow a trend or start her own. She has mastered the top bun, neck scarf, a pop of lip, and elegant diamonds for a consistently polished look. From her, I have learned to try trends that sometimes are outside of my comfort zone, and when all else fails, I copy her top bun when I need an effortlessly chic look!"—Meagan Jennings, VP, Business Development

"In my eyes, my mom has always been the most stylish person I know. So much of what I know about fashion and shopping comes from her. Whether it's finding an amazing piece at a discount store, knowing when it's worth it to splurge on a timeless piece, or how to best dress for my body, her opinion and style choices have always been so important to me. She has also taught me how important it is to NEVER throw anything away because 'everything that's old becomes new again.' To this day, I love wearing her vintage outfits from the '80s and ‘90s—I even inherited the one she’s wearing here!” —Jessica Zelvin, Account Executive

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