Justin Bieber Pictures

Matthew Miller

This Canadian born star was brought into the music industry via technology and his natural talents. Justin Bieber is not just the Bieber, he represents the next generation of musical talent.

His energy and passion are not only present during his performances, but are also reflected through his style and individuality. His hair styles and fashion senses have been the parody of not only SNL skits as much as apparent of his coming of age. As a young star, he certainly knows how to muster his talents to take full advantage of the opportunities that lay ahead of him in the years to come.

Through out the slide show, you can see just how energetic his character persists just as easily as how being a young star comes with the cost of trading in a normal social life for one that is full of events, celebrity meeting, and charities. But is is important to always look the part. Justin Bieber certainly shows his energy in his outfit choices on the stage and the red carpet.

What makes his style so fascinating? Well, he can wear what he wants without giving in to already set¬†appropriate styles for grown ups. Why wear a black lace up shoe when you could wear red sneakers? After all he’s still young enough to pull it off.

Check out the album. You can see how Justin Bieber’s style differs depending on his performances or his red carpet events. We will be sure to see his style, both music and fashion, develop as he is ever more apparent in the spotlight.

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