With Terry Richardson standing on the corner near its sleek black exterior, it was obvious which boutique was the new Soho Vince store. Paint still slick and missing a sign, this second New York location for the brand opened its doors for the first time on Saturday.

“Everyone in the neighborhood is just so excited,” Rafael Mattiss, Store Manager, said. “There had only been one Vince boutique previously, in the Meatpacking District, with the same merchandise but a different atmosphere. We are missing some signage, but I think people can still tell where we are. The store is very cool here, very Soho.'”


Even the mannequins are effortless and cool, wearing thick black glasses and a chic stare, lounging in the new Fall Collection and reading nonexistent books titled “I Just Met Vince,” implying that to wear Vince, not only should you be fashionable, but being literary helps, too. (Like that gorgeous, bored-looking chick on the Downtown 6 train who’s always reading Kurt Vonnegut.)

The shop itself seems almost like the rebellious, up-all-night younger sister of the Meatpacking store; it has cast off its signature green color almost entirely (save for a few lime-hued mannequins), and the brick and wooden walls shine with an audacity only worthy of Soho.


Lining each wall are a variety of everyday and going out necessities. From a yummy cashmere wrap sweater to a pair of black leather stretch leggings that Rafael swears you don’t need a model’s body to look amazing in (however, a few paychecks will help). “The seam is up the back rather than down the sides, they’re so flattering,” Mattiss said.

It’s almost impossible to keep your hands to yourself, as the racks are full of delicious fabric you could bury yourself in for days. Butter-soft leather, cashmere you could melt into, and luxurious flannel (which seems like an oxymoron, but at Vince, it’s not). Half the store makes you wish it were winter, and that’s a bold statement for a New Yorker.


Upon careful and quite enjoyable scrutiny, it became evident that the Soho Vince store is absolutely perfect for the quintessential downtown outfit. Basically, if you find yourself south of Houston with nothing to wear and a credit card burning a hole in your Cheap Mondays, head to 16 Prince St. and tell Rafael we said hi.

We also suggest that you maybe not eat an avocado and cheese burrito across the street at the famed Café Habana before trying on their second-skin leggings.

Vince is located on 16 Prince St., and is open Monday-Saturday 11-7, and Sunday 12-6.