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Which one will they choose? With their new album out, ONEUS picks what they’d rather pick in a game of This or That with StyleCaster.

ONEUS, known as the “Concept Kings” of the Fourth Gen of K-Pop, has a loaded repertoire—from the spellbinding electronic “Valkyrie” to their debut mini-album Light Us; from the fluttering traditional beats of “Luna” to their 2021 release Blood Moon. For those unfamiliar with K-pop-specific lingo, concepts are themes that a group does with each comeback, aka a new single or album. If you think of a random theme, whether it’s vampires to the “very wild concept” of “No Diggity” as Keonhee recalls, Hwanwoong, Keonhee, Seoho, Leedo and Xion have probably already done it.

In an exclusive interview with STYLECASTER, the group reveals how they prepare for different concepts throughout their four years since debut. While keeping true to their Korean roots, ONEUS shines throughout all of their performances and they’re not afraid to step it up each time. “All these concepts we do are very different and very challenging at first,” Keonhee explains. “So now, whenever we’re challenged or proposed with different concepts, we’re not worried or scared. Now it’s more like, ‘Oh, now let’s do this. How do we want to do this?’”

Their vivid live performances on their latest reflect their dedication to committing to different concepts. “In past tours, we were focusing a lot on showing a good stage. Let’s show perfect choreography, good vocals, and the best performance,” Keonhee explains. “This time we want to perform, but we want to also share every moment with our fans. We want them to say, ‘Wow, it really touched my heart and it was very emotional.’ We want TO MOONS to feel like they need ONEUS.”

“Especially for this tour, there are a lot of special stages and things we want to show the fans since there were a lot of events happening in Korea, too,” Hwanwoong adds. “We really want to show who ONEUS is and what this band is capable of. When we perform in front of our US fans, we want to sing our songs together and communicate with them.”

Their new mini-album Pygmalion is out now with their new single “Erase Me” and we can’t get enough. Listen to it now!

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