Watch: Rihanna Hits Grabby Fan With Microphone During European Concert

Meghan Blalock

In case there was any doubt, Rihanna made one thing quite clear during a performance last night in Birmingham, England: She is not to be messed with.

While performing her hit track “We Found Love,” RiRi came down off the stage to walk the length of the front row, high-fiving and holding hands with fans along the way. But when one fan held on too long, RiRi struck back, literally: she whacked the fan with her microphone.

Of course, the whole thing was caught on film, which you can watch above. And just to prove just how serious she was, Rihanna tweeted: “Purpose! That b*tch won’t let me go”  when fans asked her on Twitter if she meant to hit the grabby fan on purpose or by accident. (She’s since deleted the Tweet.)

The incident is especially interesting since a similar thing went down between Beyoncé and a fan just a couple weeks ago, though Bey’s response was decidedly less direct. She took to the mic and coyly threatened to throw the person out of the show.

But, really, what are these wildly famous performers supposed to do? They can’t exactly put up bars between their fans and themselves, and they probably want to be gracious to the very people who have made them so successful; but it’s a risky field, because you never know what a crazed fan might do, and even though they might not mean to, they can cause harm.

What do you think of RiRi’s actions?

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