Video: Garance Doré, DVF And Julianne Moore, Say What?!

Liz Doupnik

Is there anything more elegant and chic than listening to a group of refined and intelligent women discuss fashion? We think not. When we caught Garance Dor’s latest episode of Pardon My French — her adorable video series that gives us a peek into her envy-worthy life we felt like part of the cool girls’ table as Garance and her incredibly stylish friends discussed their favorite shows and outfit planning techniques for fashion week.

As if this wasn’t enough, we got to be a fly on the wall as none other than the Grande Dame of fashion, Diane von Furstenberg, chatted about her newest collection and where her inspiration derives from. Obviously, it’s all about the women with DVF. We love how Garance takes us with her as she goes backstage before the DVF show (um, can we talk about how brilliant it is that Diane sprays the runway with perfume pre-show? Amaze!).

And if we thought Garance was stopping there, we get to see just how humble and endearing the Frenchie is when she meets Julianne Moore backstage. We love that there were none of those silly fashion egos flung around and we got a cute snippet of just two talents respecting each other. That’s something that leaves us saying ‘oui oui!’

Check out the video for yourself below!

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