Tips on How to Get a Victoria’s Secret Body from Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio

Spencer Cain

 Tips on How to Get a Victorias Secret Body from Supermodel Alessandra AmbrosioWhen it comes to covetable figures, there are few women in the world who are more impressive than the Victoria’s Secret Angels. The beauties will showcase their toned bodies at the upcoming Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, airing December 4 on CBS. This year, the honor of wearing the $2.5 million “Fantasy Bra” (which is always the star of the show) goes to Brazilian bombshell Alessandra Ambrosio.

We caught up with Ambrosio at the Hôtel Plaza Athénée, where she was ecstatic about the opportunity — but she did share she was initially nervous, since she received the call about wearing the bra as she was nursing her three week old son. Naturally, there’s not an ounce of baby weight on her body, so we had to know: How did she get back to that Victoria’s Secret bod? Here are her tips.

  • “Nursing is the biggest thing I can recommend to anyone who has had a child. Breast-feeding is really good, and it’s a healthy and easy way to lose weight.”
  • “Of course, you do have to watch what you eat, but don’t go crazy. Try to be attentive, but don’t just not eat. Don’t go on a strict diet — or one of those liquid diets or cleanses!”
  • “Be healthy — lots of greens, lots of proteins and hit the gym whenever your doctor gives you the okay.”
  • “When you can get to the gym, start doing cardio. It’s really important to help with losing all the water weight your body retains. I do Pilates, spinning classes and all that so I’m always running around. Be active!”

There you have it folks. Four simple tips (well, three if you haven’t popped a baby out recently) to get Alessandra Ambrosio’s body. Let’s hope we all have it that easy!