Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show to Open with Sci-Fi Wings


Remember when we gave you the rundown on the new Victoria’s Secret Models and the sneak peak at the diamond encrusted wonder bra? Well here’s more exciting news dealing with the upcoming Vitoria’s Secret fashion show airing December 1 on CBS!

Alessandra Ambrosio will be leading the pack of gazelle-like vixens down the runway in all her glory donning in a neon bar and panties with sci-fi matching wings. Designer Alexander Koutny says he was inspired by his mother, who was a Star Trek fan. Following suit, behind Ambrosio, you’ll bear witness to beauties adorned in more than just panties. The girls will stomp in shrugs, leg warmers, arm warmers, metal corsets, and belts among other accessories; but don’t worry the lingerie affect will be perfectly intact for all to see.

The themes for this year are something out of a fairy tale: Magical Journey, All Aboard, Pink Planet, Enchanted Forest, Romantic Journey, and Star Trooper…even though the magical and romantic journey seems a bit redundant, we’re sure you’ll still enjoy the show!

[The Cut]