Victoria’s Secret Removes “Offensive” Collection From Website

Emily Barnes

 Victorias Secret Removes Offensive Collection From Website

Victoria’s Secret reacted to recent criticism of their “Go East” collection by removing it in its entirety off its website. “Go East” was an Oriental-inspired collection that featured one particularly controversial piece called the “Sexy Little Geisha,” seen above. Vogue UK reports that the one piece’s description read, “Your ticket to an exotic adventure. Sexy little fantasies, there’s one for every sexy you.”

Victoria’s Secret’s fantasy-driven twist on Oriental culture was slammed by critics as “inauthentic” and “tasteless” for portraying a culture in that light. Using different cultures and practices as sources of inspiration has always stirred up controversy in the fashion industry. Companies such as Urban Outfitters and Forever21 have previously removed certain articles of clothing with questionable mottos. The question remains where do we draw the line? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.