Why PINK Will Stop Selling Swimwear

PINK swimwear
Photo: Getty Images

Bad news just keeps coming for Victoria’s Secret shoppers. After the lingerie brand ditched swimwear in 2016, Women’s Wear Daily is reporting that its teen-friendly sister-company, PINK, is now doing the same thing.

Chief investor relations officer, Amie Preston, said the number of bathing suits sold didn’t make up for the money spent promoting the products. Although we can’t exactly say why people aren’t buying the suits, we’d venture to say it may have to do with the sizing. The biggest size PINK carries in tops is a large, which claims to accommodate size 36-D boobs, but none of the models come close to representing that bra-size—or any size larger than small, for that matter. The same sizing, and model representation, goes for bottoms, too. So how are people supposed to see themselves (and their bodies) in the suits?

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This criticism is nothing new for Victoria’s Secret (Revelist called it a “disgrace to all women”) especially its previous swimwear, so we’re kind of wondering why they didn’t try a new strategy with PINK. Not to beat a dead horse here, but maybe they would have reached a wider range of customers if they increased their sizing and representation.

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That said, for everyone who is a fan of PINK swimwear, don’t lament the loss just yet. You can still shop the 2018 collection with lower-end prices: tops and bottoms will go for $24.95 and you can pick up one-piece for just $56.95. There are some cute styles, so snag those while you can.

It may be an official goodbye to the swimwear collection, but PINK still has you on lock for athleisure and lingerie.