Links to Click: Buy the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra, Mariah Carey’s Vocal Snafu, More

Meghan Blalock

victorias secret fantasy bra

TGIF, y’all! The Internet rounded out the week nicely with a slew of heartwarming animals and laugh-out-loud celebrity news. Check it out!

1. Victoria’s Secret is offering a “replica” of the fantasy bra worn by Candice Swanepoel in the VS Fashion Show this year. It’s $295, and it doesn’t really look that much like the real deal. [Victoria’s Secret]

2. This is the most helpful thing ever. Here are the 10 airlines that serve free alcohol on-board. [The Vivant]

3. Mariah Carey sang “All I Want For Christmas Is You” at a Washington, D.C. event last night. Someone didn’t turn her earpiece on, and she sounds less than optimal. [Pop Crush]

4. Fan of Netflix series “House of Cards,” rejoice! The trailer for season two is here. [YouTube]

5. Ever wondered what the craziest movie makeovers are? Here are 20 cinematic transformations that will blow your mind. [Daily Makeover]

6. Haha. This satirical writer imagines a world where the Time editors are upset that they picked Pope Francis for “Person of the Year,” a mere two days before BeyoncĂ© surprise-dropped her album. [HuffPo U.K.]

7. It’s all about the wine lip this year, and they don’t just come in matte. Here are wine lip colors in every texture! [Beauty High]