Victoria Justice Left Coachella Before Ariana Grande’s Performance & She’s Being Trolled for It

Victoria Justice.
Photo: Getty Images.

The first weekend of Coachella brought out lots of stellar performances and many…many!…Instagram shots from our favorite celebs. But one actress’s social media post is creating a lot of buzz. Former Victorious star Victoria Justice left before Ariana Grande’s Coachella 2019 performance, and the internet is rampant with people who think the two are still feuding. But—everyone needs to take a deep breath. Justice worked with Grande for many years on their Nickelodeon show. The co-stars have had a touch-and-go relationship since it ended though—even getting into a bit of a Twitter feud over the reasons the show was cancelled. But Justice’s Instagram post and Twitter video sounded supportive of Grande.

Justice, with her blue eyeshadow still strong, said in an Instagram video, “Almost home. Back in LA. Unfortunately I had to leave early—I didn’t get to experience any of Coachella day three, which is such a bummer.”

She continued, “There are so many artists I wanted to see. And of course I wanted to see—” *the GPS cuts her off. LOL*. ” After a slight laugh, Justice pushed on saying, “Of course I wanted to see Ariana tonight. But I know she’s going to have an amazing show, and she’s going to kill it…”

It definitely sounds supportive to us! Bummer that she had to miss Grande’s killer performance, though. We’ll also acknowledge that is was an interesting choice to leave before the headliner, especially when it’s a friend/former co-worker, but hey—we don’t know her life! Justice probably has a reason she needs to get home.

A few Twitter users were trying to fan the fire, suggesting that Justice dipping out early meant she was still feuding with Grande.

Others have have a different opinions on why the 26-year-old actress dipped out before Grande’s performance.

But many fans were supportive of the girls, saying it was good of Justice to send messages of love and good wishes to Grande.

So why did Justice leave early? We guess we won’t know for sure. But she definitely had fun for the two days she was in the desert.

And we’re guessing Grande wasn’t too phased that she was missing. This was a big night for the “Thank U, Next” singer.

And! She reunited *almost* all of NSYNC—just like we thought! EPIC.

Some people weren’t thrilled that Justin Timberlake didn’t make an appearance, but they totally crushed it, so whatevs.