Victoria Beckham’s Pregnant Vogue Cover Quote Rewrite

Kerry Pieri

Star Magazine is reporting that Victoria Beckham basically got pregnant with her 4th child because Anna Wintour wanted her to be in the family way in order to be on the cover of Vogue US – an honor she has yet to be privy to.

The source for the magazine says: “It’s not a very Vogue thing to do, but the team can make it work and make it ‘fashion’. Anna’s apparently really keen on it. Everyone’s expecting it to fly off the shelves. Victoria’s a huge style icon. Although nothing’s been officially signed yet, Victoria would want to be sure she’s the sexiest pregnant woman to ever grace a magazine cover. It will be a huge boost to her career from a fashion point of view.”

What she should have said: “It’s preposterous to think that any woman who has a husband who looks like David Beckham would need any ulterior motives, Anna Wintour not withstanding, to procreate with him. However, I’m sure an Annie Leibovitz shot cover of pregnant Victoria would get mad blog hits.”