Victoria Beckham Reduces Breasts From Jumbo to Just Big


Victoria Beckham has come to grips with the fact she’s absurdly tiny and has had her third breast procedure to reflect that fact, reports The Daily Mail. Posh had her 34DDs reduced to a “less obtrusive” 34B three weeks ago to combat perceptions she’s a stereotypical WAG.

Disclaimer: Prior to writing this we had to Google WAG. The word has its own Wiki entry, and is a term used by British tabloids to describe the Wives And Girlfriends of professional footballers (that’s soccer players to us across the pond).

The singer and Wannabe fashion designer (Wannabe! Get it?) is believed to have had a total of three surgeries in the breast vicinity, one in 1999 (the leap from 34A to 34D), another in 2001 (when she baby-stepped to double D) and the recent reduction (three steps forward, two steps back). In 2003 Beckham claimed she was born with her ample bosom, but in 2005 was forced to admit she lied…after court documents stated she had. We’re not sure why anyone would force Beckham to reveal this in a legal setting, but lest we forget–they’re Brits. The Daily Mail also awesomely describes Posh’s former figure as “pneumatic,” further proving that our tabloids have nothing on theirs.