Why Copying Victoria Beckham’s Signature Style Could Be Bad For Your Health

Meghan Blalock
Victoria Beckham Visits The Lourve Museum With Her Family

Image via FameFlynet

Copying celebrity style just got a little less healthy, according to medical experts in the U.K. In fact they’ve officially dubbed back and neck pain resulting from carrying oversized handbags—much like the ones Victoria Beckham is known for wearing—”Poshitis.”

“Women may think they are following a catwalk trend but they are storing up trouble,” physiotherapist Sammy Margos told London’s Daily Express. “We have seen a huge increase in shoulder and neck problems, and killer heels can add to the pressure on posture. It can cause repetitive strain injury and pain in the shoulder and neck.”

This latest bit of news isn’t all too surprising, as we already knew about five fashion habits that are bad for our health, including toting around that “It” bag, which can throw off your balance and put too much strain on one side of your body.

So, in light of this somewhat ridiculous new trend, we’ve perused the dense world of online handbags in search of something a little bit more skeleton-friendly. We narrowed it down to seven adorable bags that won’t break the bank—or your back.

baily yellow maxi clutchSarah Baily Yellow/White Maxi Clutch, $149; at Boticca

AllSaints Python ClutchPython Clutch, $258; at AllSaints

ASOS crossbodyRi2K Crossbody Leather Bag, $82; at ASOS

marc jacobs mini d rawstringMarc by Marc Jacobs Mini Drawstring Bag, $198; at Barneys New York

meckela leather clutch

Meckela Small Leather Clutch, $250; at Boticca

meredith wendell bagSmall Green Eye Handbag, $111; at Meredith Wendell

topshop toteTopshop Edge Paint Small Satchel, $56; at Nordstrom

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