Victoria Beckham Mom-Shamed for This Photo of Her and Son Brooklyn

Victoria Beckham Mom-Shamed for This Photo of Her and Son Brooklyn
Photo: David M. Benett/Getty Images for BVLGARI and EJAF/Getty Images Europe/Getty Images.

Spice Girls alumnus Victoria Beckham has the most adorable family in the entire world, and that’s a fact. Besides the way they look, the Beckhams are very affectionate with one another—they’re constantly hugging and holding hands. So, of course, we certainly believed Posh when she shut down those pesky rumors about a brewing divorce!

You’d think that fans of the family would appreciate their closeness. The Beckhams are a tight-knit crew, and that’s better than the alternative. But, lately, some fans have been wondering if they’re getting a little too close: namely, Victoria and her son, Brooklyn.

Last night, the two attended the Argento Ball For The Elton John AIDS Foundation in Windsor, and Victoria brought Brooklyn as her plus-one. But some fans saw fit to voice their concern that the gesture was “inappropriate,” particularly after seeing photos of the star helping her son with his tie (because, er, that’s such a strange thing for a mom to do?).

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One user commented: “While I think it is lovely that she is bringing her son to the ball, the photo is a tad inappropriate looking – maybe it’s the poses but it looks slightly inappropriate. Am I wrong?” Another chimed in, “Shouldn’t David be your ‘date’ not your son?”

More loyal fans were quick to defend the Beckhams: “Think she looks gorg and all she is doing is putting on her sons tie who will always be her baby no matter how old.”

Victoria’s husband, soccer star David Beckham, has come under fire in the past for being publicly affectionate with his children. Last year, some fans were offended when he posted a picture kissing his daughter on the lips. He later made a statement in defense of the picture, saying that he and Victoria were simply raised in affectionate households, and chose to raise their children the same way.

For our part, we’d like to tell the trolls to chill the hell out. It’s sweet that Victoria brought her son as her date to an event, and PDA between family members—when it’s of the harmless variety we’re seeing here—is nothing strange to speculate about. Get your minds out of the gutter, guys.