Victoria Beckham In Flats: Sign Of The Apocalypse?

Spencer Cain

While I’m certainly not one of those lunatics passing out pamphlets in the subway proclaiming the world will end in 2012, let’s face it: strange things have been happening this year — but nothing could have prepared me for this. This past weekend, paparazzi snapped a picture of Victoria Beckham in ballet flats. Even after writing that sentence, I refuse to accept it as truth. Considering the outrageous custom Louboutins she wore to the Royal Wedding, despite the fact that it appeared she may have given birth on the floor of Westminster Abbey at any moment, this is obviously a shock.

The Daily Mail reports that the Queen of the Stiletto is being ordered to wear flats when she shows her collection at the upcoming New York Fashion Week. They cite a herniated disc resulting from her pregnancy as the reason behind this, but The LA Times fails to see the correlation. However, facts are facts, and there is photographic proof that Victoria has indeed graced street level.

As we previously noted, she is also allegedly on some bizarre diet to get her body back to a size 0 in time for her arrival at Lincoln Center, so clearly she has had a lot on her mind. I wait with bated breath not only for her upcoming collection, but to see whether or not she will show up at the tents as her normal svelte, stiletto-clad self. Stay tuned for any developments…

Photo via Sipa

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