The One Shoe Victoria Beckham Would Never Wear to a Wedding

The One Shoe Victoria Beckham Would Never Wear to a Wedding
Photo: Getty Images.

Life is made easier through guiding principles. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Be the change you wish to see in the world. What would Victoria Beckham do?

OK, so that last heuristic probably wouldn’t make the list. But it’s one Vogue Australia sought to answer in a recent Instagram video.

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In the video, aptly titled “What Would Victoria Beckham Do?” (#WWVBD), Beckham answers questions about, well, what she’d do in various circumstances. The former Spice Girl talks about how to stay grounded and present (“be kind to yourself all the time”), how to look chic on a budget (“just feel confident in whatever you’re wearing”) and how to know who should pay for the check on a first date (“it depends on who invited who and who asks for the check first”).

Beckham also weighs in on whether or not it’s acceptable to wear flats to a formal wedding. Her thoughts? It “absolutely” is acceptable, Beckham says. “Just make sure it’s not a flip-flop.”

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While we’re traditionally not into hard-and-fast rules about style, we can’t really argue with that. Flip-flops are a surefire way to dress down any look—plus, they’re a little impractical as far as weddings go. Imagine getting down on the dance floor, only to have your flip-flop fly off mid-dance move.

A minor inconvenience at best, a hazardous event at worst—and definitely not the Instagram-worthy photo opp you dreamt of when you got dressed for the wedding.