Why Victoria Beckham Doesn’t Wash Her Jeans and Neither Should You

Why Victoria Beckham Doesn’t Wash Her Jeans and Neither Should You
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Washing jeans is about as fun as going to the dentist. Although you might think there’s not a strong correlation, the feeling of tight, stiff jeans girdling your body is akin to the feeling of your mouth after the dentist goes hard on the flossing. It’s uncomfortable, your body feels too big for the casing, and you can barely sit down until you stretch them out (this last one doesn’t apply to teeth, unfortunately). After all that, why even bother washing denim in the first place?

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That’s the exact question Victoria Beckham—cool designer mom who we thought never had pant struggles like us—asks herself when she takes off a pair of jeans. While debuting her new Autumn/Winter 2018 collection for Victoria, Victoria Beckham (the younger, more playful sister line to Victoria Beckham) in London last week, she spoke to Elle about the denim she was wearing, previewing, and not planning on washing anytime soon.

After making a bold statement by wearing denim to Mark’s Club, “an elegant and traditional private club” in Mayfair which has a strict rules about jeans and T-shirts (which she also wore featuring a quip about her love for dark sunglasses), Beckham also displayed ripped, light-wash jeans as part of her collection. But after fawning over the new, perfect-cuffable pants, Beckham shared her secret to effortless, live-in jeans: not washing them.

“If the kids spill [something on them], then I have to wash them, obviously, but even then it’s only on cold wash. And normally, no, I just don’t wash them at all,” she said.

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To make sure you achieve the Beckham look, go full on Victoria and “hang” your jeans to “keep the shape.” Either rebellious against rules or just plain smart, Beckham nails every jean look she adorns whether wide leg, straight, or skinny. If the queen of jean talks, we listen.