Victoria Beckham’s Brilliant Makeup Trick to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Victoria Beckham’s Brilliant Makeup Trick to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger
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As a red carpet veteran, Victoria Beckham‘s worked with some of the finest makeup artists in the biz for the past two decades—so clearly, she’s picked up some tricks along the way. The 43-year-old fashion designer spread her knowledge in a new video for Estée Lauder, in which she broke down her two-minute eye makeup routine and revealed her trick for making her eyes look bigger.

To get her iconic smoky eye, Beckham starts with Estée Lauder’s Eye Palette in Blanc, Noir, Gris, and Bordeaux. After smudging a white and gray shadow on her eyelid with her finger, the former Spice Girl takes the black and smudges it on her hand with a brush to build up the color.

Here’s where her secret comes in: Instead of swiping a straight line under her eye with the brush, Beckham follows and accentuates the natural curve beneath her eye. “Rather than having a straight line, I think it’s nice if you have a little bit of a dip,” Beckham said. “I think that opens out the eye even more.”

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Then Beckham takes a slightly larger brush and dusts a medium gray shadow on the crease of her eye, sweeping the powder up toward the brow bone. “This really gives an intense look, but without closing up the eye,” Beckham said.

To finish off her look, Beckham ran Estée Lauder’s Smudgy Matte Eyeliner in Graphite under her eye before working it in with her finger. After touching up each corner with the brand’s Eye Kajal in Black Saffron Vanille with Sharpener, Beckham topped it all off with the Eye Ink Mascara in Blackest—voilà.

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Of course, getting eyes like Victoria Beckham’s don’t come cheap. The “London Look” product package she uses in the video costs £258, which roughly equates to $334. Her tips for how to make your eyes pop, however, Beckham gave 100-percent free.