VICE Magazine Rules The Night: Party Snaps

Susie G
VICE Magazine Rules The Night: Party Snaps
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At a press conference and celebration that was held Wednesday night at NYC’s 3LD, VICE Magazine and Intel Corporation announced their plans to continue their “global cultural initiative” known as The Creators Project in 2011, as well as plans to launch a fully-equipped studio that will help support the creation of music and artwork from emerging artists right here in New York City.

Indie rockers Paul Banks and Daniel Kessler from the band Interpol (not to be confused with the world police organization, just in case you were wondering) were in attendance. They are included on a long, international list of “Creators” and have already been showcased through the Project’s debut NYC event back in 2010. In addition, the NYC-based band were interviewed for the premiere episode of a 12-part, in-depth documentary series that focuses on select creators and can be streamed directly from The Creators Project website.

To see some snaps from last night’s launch which includes a photo of my favorite Interpolian, browse the photos in the slideshow above!

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TIP: Boys and burgers are essential for a successful launch event.

VICE's Eddy Moretti (right) and guest enjoy some post press conference bubbly.

Daniel Kessler from Interpol gets his suits custom-made. Well done Mr. Kessler, Well done.

VICE's Yanna Wilson (right) and buds celebrate The Creators Project launch of Year 2 at 3LD.

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