The Very Best (And Very Worst) Of Online Shopping


It’s no surprise that a high customer service score often coincides with how satisfied online shoppers are with the overall experience. There’s nothing worse (and more frustrating) than a confusing website that offers troubleshooting in the form of an automated “How Can I Help You?” chat from a robot named Dana.

To try and find a trend in customer service ratings compared to the e-commerce site’s performance, 24/7 Wall St. looked at how parent companies of those high-rated sites (based on the ForeSee’s Holiday E-retail Satisfaction data) have been performing lately.

The data, which was taken between the busy spending time of Thanksgiving through Christmas, showed that the shopping websites with strong customer service rating’s often positively correlate with the sales of the parent company’s popular brands and items of the moment.

So who faired best? came in first place, with popular items like the Kindle likely helping their sales. took second best, which is understandable thanks to their die hard Mac customers, as well as their countless bestsellers. Other winner’s included,,,, and

Those who didn’t do so well included,, and — all of which supposedly have been facing financial woes and unstable sales. And guess who also (expectedly) took a spot on the worst-of list… that’s right — Anyone else remember their Missoni for Target order getting canceled for no appararent reason? Or how about those repeated online crashes on their malfunctioning website? Come on Target, you didn’t actually think we’d forget about all that did you?

With an all time high of 88 points at Amazon, to an all-time low of 72 points over at Overstock, do these findings affect where you online shoppers will be visiting next?

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