Kristen Bell Is Badass In Hulu’s ‘Veronica Mars’ Reboot Trailer

Kristen Bell
Photo: Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock

She came to slay! Kristen Bell is back as your favorite sassy investigator! The Veronica Mars reboot trailer just dropped on Hulu and we got our first glimpse of the eight-part miniseries. We just can’t get enough! Bell totally kicks butt as the eponymous character in the series which premieres on Friday, July 26. She wields a gun and happens to have a taser at her disposal. This isn’t the Veronica you remember from 2004, she uses Instagram to her advantage—posting her assailant’s picture on the social media platform! CASUALLY BADASS.

Bell told Erin Lim at E! News that the revival “will be a controversial season.” Ooo. Drama. We like a little controversy—it keeps things interesting. “I am excited for people to watch and I am also probably going to stay off the internet once it airs,” Bell explained. “There’s some stuff that happens that people will have strong feelings about.” The trailer features some moments that mean some of our favorite characters could be in peril—perhaps they’re taking a page from Game of Thrones and no one is safe! That would definitely cause some drama on the internet.

The trailer starts with Veronica Mars running down the street, as we hear her voiceover, “When your best friend is murdered before your 17th birthday, you don’t develop a keen sense of mercy.” Damn. It is so ON people. (That’s when she tases her attacker. Unreal).

Hulu’s Veronica Mars is set during spring break in Neptune, California. Shocker!…people are being murdered and tourism is at an all-time low. Paging Veronica Mars!

Also—for those true Kristen Bell fans out there, please remember that she is not always the badass Veronica Mars. She is also an adorably goofy, sloth-loving, game-playing gal who never ceases to make us crack up laughing. If you need to watch something funny after that intense trailer, please enjoy this video of Bell and her husband, Dax Shepard, on The Ellen Show. You’re welcome.