Juicy Details About the ‘Veronica Mars’ Movie Straight From Actor Ryan Hansen

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veronica mars cast beach Juicy Details About the Veronica Mars Movie Straight From Actor Ryan Hansen

The minute we found out that the Veronica Mars movie was officially a go—there were many things we couldn’t wait for. The resurrection of the Piz, Logan, Veronica love triangle. The hijinx that Veronica, Wallace and Mac found themselves in while solving the mysteries of Neptune. But most of all, we were psyched that Ryan Hansen would slip back into the role of wealthy, spoiled, surfer dude Dick Casablancas—best friend to Logan Echolls and Veronica’s hilarious partner in witty banter.

We sat down with Ryan—who has gone on to star on hit shows like Party DownBurning Love and Two Broke Girls since Veronica Mars went off the air in 2007—to get all the scoop on the movie. He filled us in on everything from how things were different for the cast on the movie set to what he envisions for Dick in the nextVeronica Mars movie (yes, he’s betting there will be a sequel!)

Did you ever think the day would come that the Veronica Mars movie would get green lit?

Ryan Hansen: When the TV show ended, I was so bummed. And then when Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell were like we’re going to do this Kickstarter video—and then when we finally released it—I was like, ‘This could totally go either way.’  But, I am so blown away that the fans responded the way they did. I feel so humbled and feel so lucky to be part of project that the fans wanted to see.

 Talk to us about getting to play Dick Casablancas again. We have this theory that he’s a secret genius to keep up this life that he lives! Do you think that too?

RH: Gonna be honest—no! But I’m very curious what will happen if we get to do more movies—Dick’s money has got to run out sometime.

How did it feel going back to that character again?

RH: Rob Thomas is so good at creating these characters. For me, it’s so easy to jump into Dick—can I say that?—it’s so effortless and so carefree. He’s the comic relief in such an intense show that it’s fun to be able to be that.

What was it like on the first day back on set?

RH: It was like a big fat family reunion—everyone back in their characters and everyone hugging and everyone looking at each other saying, ‘How lucky are we that we get to do this again?’ Everyone just felt super passionate about working on the show again. One of my fave parts of all this is we all went and did our own projects and kept in touch—I’m pretty close with most of the cast—and then come back and be able to be our characters and play around on set on this show we used to do.

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